Academic and Student Services Division


The Academic and Student Services Division performs duties related to the admission of students, student hostel facilities, maintaining of the canteen, mahapola scholarship, bursary, other scholarships, season tickets, students’ union, subject associations, student council elections, and all the other activities related to the welfare of students.

Functions of the Assistant Registrar ( Vice Chancellor Coordination and Student Services)

  1. University admission and registration.
  2. Student council matters and organizing council elections.
  3. Bursary and Mahapola Scholarships, activities related to the granting of scholarships by the University Grants Commission.
  4. Provision of facilities to hostels.
  5. Administration and maintenance of hostels and canteens.
  6. Students’ welfare activities
  7. Prepare Students Identity Cards 

Functions of the Assistant Registrar (Academic Affairs) 

  1. Held Faculty Meetings and Student Appeal Committee meetings
  2. Held Research Supervision Committee meetings and Research Symposium of the Academic Staff
  3. Held Information Technology Committee meetings
  4. Administration of university website, network and Wi- Fi facilities
  5. Call HOD meetings as requested
  6. Prepare academic calendar and time table.
  7. Prepare Students Record Books and Students' Hand Book 


Ven. Bogamuwe Dheerananda Thero
Designation: Assistant Registrar (Vice Chancellor Coordination and Student Services)
Department: Student and Academic Services Division
Official Telephone: +9411-2891104          Ext: 2241
Personal Telephone: +9471-0554530
Email Address:

Ms. A.M.K.J. Atapaththu
Designation: Assistant Registrar (Academic Affairs)
Department: Student and Academic Services Division
Official Telephone: +9411-2891104     Ext: 2803
Personal Telephone: 072-2402491
Email Address:

Mrs. K.K.T. Nadeeka De Silva
Staff Management Assistant
Ext - 2806

Mrs. H.P.W.D. Ramesha
Management Assistant Grade I
Ext - 2270

Mr. H.W.Nelson Jayalath
Management Assistant (Grade III)
Ext - 2805

Mrs. Udeshika Wijesuriya
Managment Assistant (Grade III)

Mr. R.D.S. Galagedara
Work Aid (Grade III)

Special Contact Number for Students' matters 

A special Phone number has been introduced to raise any kind of matters. If you suffer from any personal issues, mental issues or pressures, feel free to contact us. 

071 0312273 available in Imo, Whatsapp and Viber.

Students’ Welfare Committee

Student’s Welfare Committee has been formed to maintain and administer welfare activities of the University and the constitution of which is as follows;

  • Ven. Vice Chancellor (Chairman)
  • Deans
  • Registrar
  • Bursar
  • Librarian
  • Deputy Registrar (Post Graduate and External Examinations)
  • Senior Assistant Bursar
  • Senior Student Counselor
  • Student Counselors
  • Warden
  • Assistant Registrar (Administration)
  • Assistant Registrar (Law and Documentation)
  • Assistant Registrar (Internal Examinations)
  • Assistant Registrar (Academic Affairs)
  •   Assistant Registrar (Vice Chancellor Coordination and Student Services)  
  • Works Engineer
  • Curator
  • Sub Wardens of hostels
  • Work Administrator (Civil)
  • Two student representatives of each faculty
  • Assistant Registrar ( Vice Chancellor Coordination and Student Services) will function as the Secretary of the Student Welfare Committee.

General Matters

  •  The student monks and lay male students who get registered to follow a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree Course in the University, qualified based on the marks scored at the G.C.E. (Advanced Level) Examination are considered as internal students. If students who are qualified for an Internal  Degree Course to fulfil the objectives as envisaged in the University Act, becomes disrobed after registration, he would be deprived of the registration as an internal student and the privileges applicable thereto.
  • Those students are liable to produce their own identity card or the Students’ Record Book in every instance on request by a lecturer, officer or a security officer of the University.
  • It is extremely important to read, understand and adhere to the notices and orders issued by the University pertaining to various matters relevant to the students.
  • Recommendations would be made on foreign students who gain admission to this University as Internal students for obtaining a visa, having scrutinized their attendance and participation in the lectures. In the event of their going abroad within the academic period, after having obtained visa that should be informed to the administration and permission obtained.
  • Going abroad otherwise would be a reason for termination of studentship.
  • No permission will be given for extension of the visa of foreign students who do not have a continuous attendance of 80% at lectures. 

Conduct of the Students

  • Should not behave in a disturbing manner with regard to the educational and administrative functions.
  • Should refrain from causing physical and mental harassment to any other student, lecturer or any member of the academic/non-academic staff.
  • Should refrain from causing any damage the properties of the University.
  • All the students should conduct themselves in and out of the University so as not to disgrace the reputation of the University.
  • It is totally prohibited for any person not registered with the University to attend the lectures and practical classes.
  • It is compulsory for every student registered with the University to participate in the relevant lectures and practical classes.
  • 80% of the total marks are allocated for each paper at the annual examination and 20% will be given for the dissertation. It is compulsory to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance.
  • If any student is unable to attend the lectures due to illnesses, a valid medical certificate certified by the Medical Officer of the University should be submitted. If the non-attendance is due to a personal reason, approval of the Dean should be obtained through the Senor Student Counselor.


Contact Details

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