Mahapola Scholarships, other scholarships and Bursaries

Mahapola Scholarships

This Scholarship Scheme was commenced by the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Consumer Affairs. The scholarship is offered based on the maximum marks scored at the G.C.E.(A.L ) Examination. Mahapola Scholarships benefits are granted subject to a maximum of Rs. 5000/= which contains Rs. 2150/- granted by the Funds based on the Family income reports  and Rs. 2850/- given by the University. The amount payable varies depending on the income reports  and the marks scored at the G.C.E.(A.L ) Examination.

 Lists of payments under the Mahapola Scholarship Scheme are prepared by the Trust Fund Division of the Scheme falling under the purview of the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Consumer Affairs and taking decisions relating to all matters including the payment of arrears, suspension of installments, re-establishment of the suspended installments etc., shall be the responsibility of the Mahapola Scholarship Trust Fund.

Entitlement to Mahapola Scholarship benefits is limited to   the period in which the students are involving in academic activities following their registration with the University and ten installments are paid during one academic year.

The date/ dates of paying Mahapola Scholarship installments will be exhibited in the Notice Boards in the hostels and in other relevant notice boards. The payment of installments to students who do not collect three continuous installments shall be suspended.   More details on the Mahapola Scholarship Scheme may be obtained from the Students’ Welfare Division.

Conditions pertaining to Mahapola Scholarships and Bursaries 

The conditions pertaining to Mahapola Scholarships and Bursaries are as follows. Following requirements and conditions shall be fulfilled by students to be entitled to  Mahapola Scholarship benefits and obtain the installments paid within the relevant academic period.

  • The installments of the scholarships will be paid monthly subject to the recommendations made by the University depending on the academic progress achieved by the recipient of the scholarship.
  • The scholarship installments will be paid only for three academic years  subject to a maximum of ten installments per year.
  • To receive these scholarship installments, the students shall involve in fulltime academic work.
  •  Non collection of installments within the given  prescribed date/time will lead to the denial of this benefit treating the same as an abandoned scholarship installments.   
  • You are not entitled to receive another scholarship or bursary for the same course or other, once you accept this scholarship.
  • The matters such as; enrolment for another course instead of the course for which the scholarship has been received, non attendance to  the course, giving up the course, engaging in an employment shall lead to the cancellation of the scholarship.
  • If extension of the  course period is needed,  the formal approval received for the same shall be submitted to the Mahapola Scholarship Trust Fund and intends to apply the scholarship the next year, a declaration should be  made to that effect. Such a request will be considered  subject to a  maximum period of one year.
  • Non attendance or non participation in  the lectures, tutorial classes and practical classes regularly may lead to denial of installments and action in this regard will be taken as per the reports submitted by the University.
  •  Engaging in a business, service or an employment to receive an income and increase of  the family income shall lead to non denial of installments and entitlements.
  • The decision of the Mahapola Scholarship Trust Fund regarding the scholarship or scholarship installments would be final and conclusive.

Bursaries and other General matters

Applications would be called by the University for the selection of qualified students to receive bursaries. Ten scholarship installments would be paid per an academic year subject to a maximum monthly payment of Rs. 4000/= based on family income reports and marks. The amounts paid as the bursary would be differed based on the marks obtained and the family income reports submitted.

Suspension of  Bursaries

Ven. Vice Chancellor Thero has the power to totally or temporary suspend the Mahapola Scholarship benefits or Bursaries (Grants) for reasons given below.

  • Not attending the lectures, tutorial classes and practical classes regularly
  •  Misbehavior in and out of the University.
  • Being entitled to another scholarship
  • Non registration for the academic year.
  • Engaging in an income earning through an employment/ another means.
  • Involvement in examination misconducts.
  • Being registered in another Higher Educational Institution.
  • Subject to  a conviction for any other disciplinary offence

It would be compulsory to submit the Student’s Identity Card issued by the University to the Shroff to obtain the scholarship installments and bursaries.

When the payment of bursaries is temporarily or permanently suspended, taking decisions about it is the responsibility of the authorities of the University.

The students those who receive the Mahapola Scholarship shall be disqualified to receive the bursaries.

Ven. Vice Chancellor’s  Fund

This fund  has been established in the year 2001 with the objective of attending to the welfare of the students and the staff as well as  promoting the learning of Buddhist Studies and the study of Pali language. For this purpose, a Controlling Board has been appointed by the University Council.

Other Scholarships

The students will be made aware on the importance of scholarships on each such occasion and they are categorized as follows.

    01 Scholarships offered by various institutions and individuals.

    02. The scholarships  offered  to the students selected by the University during their academic  period.

    03. Awards and Gold Medals  awarded  after the convocation to the students selected by the University.

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