The Senate

The Senate is the academic council of the University. Ven. Vice Chancellor functions as a member of the Senate in additions to holding the position of its Chairman. The other members of the Senate are all the Deans, Heads of the Departments all the Professors, representatives of lecturers attached to various faculties. The Senate of our University consists of 24 members.

Members of the Senate


Ven. Prof.  Neluwe Sumanawansa Thero - Performing the duties of the post

02. Deans:

  1. Dean of the Faculty of Buddhist Studies  - Senior Lecturer Ven. Ilukewala Dhammaratana Thero 
  2. Dean of the Faculty of Languages - Senior Lecturer Dr. Mr. Swarnananda Gamage
  3. Dean of the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies - Ven. Prof. Moragollagama Uparathana Thero

03. Heads of Departments:

  1. Ven. Prof.  Pitigala Vijitha Thero (Head of the Department of Buddhist Philosophy)
  2. Senior Lecturer Dr. Mr. Nilantha P. Dissanayake (Head of the Department of Buddhist Culture)
  3. Chair Professor. Ven. Homagama Dhammananda Thero (Head of the Department of Religious Studies and Comparative Philosophy)
  4. Senior Lecturer Ven. Baragama Sadhananda Thero (Head of the Department of Archeology)
  5. Senior Lecturer Ven. Dr. Kotiyagala Uparathana Thero (Head of the Department of Pali Language)
  6. Professor Ven. Lenagala Sirinivasa Thero (Head of the Department of Sanskrit)
  7. Senior Lecturer Dr. Mrs. A.L.N.P  Perera (Head of the Department of Sinhala Language) 
  8. Senior Lecturer Dr. Mrs. Waruni Thennakoon (Head of Department of English)
  9. Senior Lecturer Dr; Mrs. E.G.I.P Wickramasighe (Head of the Department of Language Skills Development)
  10. Senior Lecturer M.H.P.K. Gunasena  (Head of the Department of English Language Teaching)


  1. Dr. Mr. W.W.K. Lalith

05. Faculty Representatives:

Faculty of Buddhist Studies

  1. Senior Lecturer Ven. Dampahala Rahula Thero
  2. Senior Lecturer Ven. Dr. Dunukeulle Sarananda Thero

Faculty of Language Studies

  1. Senior Lecturer Dr. Upul Priyantha Gamage

06.Senior Professor / Professor

  1. Ven. Senior. Prof. Uthurawala Dhammarathana Thero
  2. Ven. Prof.  Wawwe Dhammarakkitha Thero
  3. Prof. Mrs. Sasni Amarasekara
  4. Prof. Mrs. Yamuna Herath
  5. Prof. Mrs. M.A.C.  Munasinghe
  6. Ven. Prof. Aluthgama Wimalarathana Thero

07. Appointed Members:

Ven. Prof. Medagoda Abhayathissa Thero

Ven. Prof. Elamaldeniye Sarananda Thero

Ven. Prof. Uduhawara Ananda Thero

Ven. Dr. Deniyaye Pagnaloka Thero

Prof. Mr. Samanchandra Ranasighe

08.Secretary of the Senate:

Mr. E.A. Gunasena (Acting Registrar)

Sub Committees Functioning Under the Senate

  • Library Committee

  • Senate Standing Committee 

  • Committee on Study Leave 

  • Committee on Higher Degrees

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