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The Department of archeology is one of the departments in faculty of Buddhist Studies, which provides a friendly and supportive learning environment for undergraduate studies in Archaeology. In addition to core areas of archaeological theory and practice, this department is teaching interdisciplinary fields such as museology, Numismatics, Epigraphy, Cultural heritage management, Ancient architecture and Art history, and has a special interest in Buddhist Archeology.

Bachelor of Arts (General Degree)

  • ARFI (101) Concepts and History in Archaeology
  • ARFI (102) Archaeological Methods and Techniques
  • ARGI (201) Epigraphy and Numismatics
  • ARGI (202) Pre history and Environmental Archaeology
  • ARGI (301) Paintings and Sculpture
  • ARGI (302) Architecture

Bachelor of Arts (Special Degree)

  • ARFI (201) History, Concepts and Methods in Archaeology
  • ARFI (202) Sculpture, Panting and Miner Arts
  • ARGI (301) Architecture
  • ARGI (302) Archaeological Conservation and Museology
  • ARGI (303) Archaeological Heritage Management
  • ARGI (401) Epigraphy
  • ARGI (402) Drawing, Mapping, Photography and Computing.
  • ARGO (403) Field and Environmental Archaeology
  • ARGA (404)

Academic Staff


Head of Department

Mrs. K. A. Sasni Narmada Amarasekara.

Senior Lecturer


Mrs. Herath Mudiyanselage Yamuna Vasanta Kumarihami Herath

Ven.Baragama Saddananda Thero

Lecturer (probationary)

Visiting Lecturers


Prof.Raj Somadeva

Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology

University of Kelaniya,


News Events

This department organizes special guest lectures, seminar programs, field works and study tours. Every student has the opportunity to gain experience by working on real sites, starting in the very first year of their degree. This department has a close link with Cultural triangle projects in Sri Lanka, where the students get field work opportunities.



1. Filed Work

2. Diwaina 2015 August 25

3.The Island 2015 August 25

Study Programs

Department of Archaeology