University Council

Council of the University functions as its executive board and administrative board. Ven. Vice Chancellor functions both as a member of the University Council as well as its Chairman. Council of the University consists of all the Deans, representatives of the Senate, Secretaries of the Ministry in charge of the subject of Buddha Sasana and the Ministry of Education, nominees and the members to be appointed by the Minister of Education. The Council of our University consists of 15 members. The majority of them are monks.

Members of the Council


Ven. Prof.  Neluwe Sumanawansa Thero - Performing the duties

02. Deans:

  1. Dean of the Faculty of Buddhist Studies - Senior Lecturer Ven. Ilukewala Dhammaratana Thero
  2. Dean of the Faculty of Languages - Senior Lecturer Dr. Mr. Swarnananda Gamage
  3. Dean of the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies - Ven. Prof.  Moragollagama Uparathana Thero

03. Elected Members of the Senate:

Ven. Prof. Wawwe Dhammarakkhitha Thero

Ven. Prof. Gonadeniye Pannarathana Thero

04. Secretary to the Ministry of Buddhasasana or his nominee:

Mr. Somaratne Vidanapathirana

05. Secretary to the Ministry of Higher Education or his nominee:

Mrs. T.K.W.T.P Premarathna - Deputy Director (Student Loan Section)

06. Members appointed by the Hon. Minister in charge of the subject:

  1. Royal Panditha Ven. Trikunamale Ananda Nayaka Thero, 
  2. Literary Chakravarthy Ven. Dr. Niyangoda Vijithasiri Anunayake Thero
  3. Agga Maha Panditha, Ven Professor. Kotapitiye Rahula Anunayaka Thero
  4. Royal Panditha Ven. Deewela Mahina Anunayaka Thero
  5. Senior Professor Mr. Wimal Wijeratne
  6. Prof. Mr. K.A. Weerasena
  7. Senior Professor Mr. Uditha Garusinghe
  8. Attorney-at-Law Mr. Kalyananda Thiranagama
  9. President's Counsel Mr. Prashantha Lal de Alwis

07. Secretary of the Council:

Mr. E.A. Gunasena, Deputy Registrar (Acting Registrar)

Committees Functioning Under the Council

  1. Finance Committee

  2. Auditing and Management Committee

  3. Committee for Institutional Procurement 

  4. Committee for Minor Procurement 

  5. Committee for Reviewing Progress on Building Constructions 

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