Department of English of the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka was established in 2009 in line with the main objectives of the University to disseminate Dhamma worldwide, extending the opportunities for the internal students to learn English. The Department of English caters to both local and foreign students who are selected through an admission test to offer English as a degree subject. The syllabus of the Department of English largely consists of units related to literature while much emphasis is given to the improvement of the language skills of the students. The Department conducts both internal and external general degree programs in English.



Academic Staff


Head of the Department of English
Ms. Waruni Tennakoon

Ms. Madugodage Nipunika Dilani


Temporary Lecturers

Ms. Tharangi Madushika Sirisena

Lecturer (Temporary)

B.A (BPU) /M.A in Linguistics -University of Kelaniya

DETE ( English for Teachers of English) –University of Colombo English -Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka Mgt (FCCISL)



Department of English - Activities- 2015

Series of Workshops for the Bikkhu Students in Some Selected Pirivenas in the Colombo District-

First Workshop

Second Workshop

Progress Report – the First Seminar in English Conducted for the Students Sitting for the Pirivena Final Examination - 2015



Study Programs

Department of English