Hostel Administration

The following hostels have been located within the academic premises of the University, Pitipana North, Homagama.

Hostels located within the University premises

  • Hostel A
  • Hostel B
  • Hostel C
  • Hostel D
  • Hostel E
  • Hostel F
  • Sarasavi Medura

Every student who obtains hostel facilities should pay the prescribed fee for the hostel and obtain a receipt which should be submitted to the Sub Warden. Occupants of the hostel are subjected to the following rules and regulations. Staying in a hostel without paying prescribed fee is illegal.

A part time Warden is responsible for the hostel administration while two Sub Wardens have been appointed to attend to day-to-day functions, the details of which are as follows;


Ven. Prof. Wawwe Dhammarakkhitha Thero,        

Office:          011-2891918/ 011-2857786

Privet:          071-4906881

Sub Wardens (Full time)

A, B, C and Sarasavi Medura Hostels 

Ven. Nakalagoda Yogananda Thero              Official:          011-3086398       Temple:          033-2291124

sub warden (special grade)

B.A.(Hons) University of Colombo              

Post Graduate Dip. in Education

University of Colombo

M.A, University of Kelaniya

PGLIS – University of colombo

D, E, F Hostels

Mr. G. Samarapulige                                      Official: 011-2857786/2892732

B.L.E (Hons) University of Colombo               Private:           0113086395

Sarasavi Medura Hostel

Mr. H.D.Asanka Thilakasiri                            Official: 011-2857786
B.A. (Special) Kelaniya                                 Privet: 078-4754001
Mssc. Kelaniya

Rules and regulations that should be followed by students occupying hostels

Every Lay/Bhikkhu student during their stay in hostels should strictly follow the following rules and regulations in addition to the general rules and regulations of the University. Violation of those rules and regulations will result in the cancellation of those facilities in addition to imposition of a fine followed by disciplinary action against them.

Opportunities are available to discuss problems related to hostel facilities at the Hostel Committee Meetings held under the Chairmanship of Warden/Sub Warden.

Special laws and regulations for students occupying hostels

Use of electrical equipment

Fixing of any electrical equipment in addition to those already fixed within the room or permitted to be fixed is totally prohibited. Electrical equipment already fixed should not be shifted to another place. Touching of switches or lines or wiring or attempting to re fix them will be extremely dangerous and the University is not responsible for any mishap caused by those acts. Cooking of food in the hostel using electricity except sarasavi medura cooking area is totally prohibited. Any damage caused to electrical equipment in hostel rooms will be assessed and loss recovered at the handing over of occupied rooms.


Occupants of hostels should keep their rooms clean and tidy. All waste material should be put into dustbins without leaving them here and there.

Clothes should not be left out at window panels, doors and balconies to be seen them from outside. Hostel occupants are collectively responsible to keep toilets and bathrooms clean by utilizing them in a decent manner.

Delayed Attendance 

Every student when going out of the hostel (except for attending lectures and going to the library) should sign the register kept for this purpose and mark the arrival as well. Those who are going out should return before 10.00 p.m. To be away from the hostel during night is totally prohibited.

When they want to be away from the hostel for special reason duly filled form printed for this purpose should be handed over to Warden/Sub Warden and obtain permission.

Drinking and Gambling 

Bringing any kind of liquor, drugs or smoking ingredients into the hostel rooms, drinking or smoking within the hostels or coming in under the influence of liquor/drugs or smoking is totally prohibited. Gambling in the hostel is also prohibited.

Become Disciplinary 

Indulging in the acts of indiscipline by any student within the hostel premise is a punishable offence.

Arrival of Visitors

Inviting for or retaining any outsider in hostel rooms without the permission of warden/sub warden is totally prohibited.

Here visitor means student monks who are not entitled to hostel facilities and all the other outsiders. If anyone is illegally staying in a hostel room, all the other hostel occupants are bound to inform that to the Sub Warden.

Outsiders have the opportunity to meet hostel occupants from 8.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. on week days and from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. at weekends and on public holidays. It is totally prohibited to invite the outsiders or allowing them in the hostel rooms apart from the above mentioned period of time.

Societies, organizations and meetings 

Organizing a society or holding meetings within the hostel premises without the approval of the warden is totally prohibited.

Enforcing those regulations will be a responsibility of Warden/Sub Wardens and the Student Counselors.


During the vacation all hostels remain closed and under no circumstance will anybody be allowed to remain in hostel rooms until reopening of the university.

Leaving the hostel

Please note that the Degree Certificate will be issued to you only after the Examination Division received the recommendation of the Sub Warden that all equipment used when in the hostel have been duly returned after completion of the degree course. 

Use of Hostels

Without a permission obtained from Warden/Sub Warden Student monks should not enter the hostels of lay-students and vice versa.

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