Medical Center

At present a permanent Medical Officer has not been appointed and the University has obtained the service of a temporary doctor until a permanent appointment is made. He is available for consultation from 1.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. on the due date in every week. Students could consult the doctor for maintaining their health condition at the highest possible level.

All entrants to the University should have to undergo a medical test during the first semester itself and make entries to that effect in the Students Record Book by the Medical Officer. It is emphasized that the Medical Certificates are issued only if the students have received medical treatments from the medical centre.

In the instances where the doctor is not available for consultation, necessary facilities have been provided to take the students falling ill to the nearest government hospital under the supervision of the Warden.

When a hostel occupant requires medical treatments at a hospital, transport facilities  will be provided only upon a written request of the sick student or his / her agent. The Students’ Identity Card of the sick student should be submitted at the time of making the request.

The authority of providing transport facilities for medical treatments rests with the Senior Student Counselor, Sub Wardens and Senior Assistant Registrar (Admin). The students who undergo treatments externally should make entries in the relevant book  placed in the hostel for this purpose.

When it is needed to take a patient  to a hospital in the University vehicle, only two persons, could  accompany him. If it is not possible to provide the transport facilities for medical treatments, the Warden could make alternative arrangements with the knowledge of the Head of the Department.

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07 Jun - 30 Jun
Practical examination for icte certificate and advanced certificate courses – 2022 june
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