Sahithya Sankathana – 2018

“Sahithya Sankathana” is the annual literary festival of the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka, initiated with the concept of the present Vice Chancellor, Most Venerable Senior Prof. Gallelle Sumanasiri Thero in 2016. On 18th September, 2018 we conducted the third “Sahithya Sankathana” in the university with the support of the academic and non-academic staff as well as the students. The main objective of the Venerable Vice Chancellor thero in proposing a literary festival to be held at the university every year was to promote a research culture among our undergraduates. Thus, academic journals from each department of the University, mostly with the articles of our undergraduates were launched on the day of “Sahithya Sankathana - 2018”. The students who wrote the best academic article in every journal and the best academic journal were awarded in the ceremony. Moreover, the best researcher from the academic staff and the students, and the non-academic staff members who have taken the least number of leave were also rewarded. Other than that, the winners of various creative writing competitions (Short Story/ Poetry/ Novel) held prior to the Sahithya Sankathana Festival were also awarded.

One of the most popular events of the Sahithya Sankathana festivals held in the previous years was the food exhibition of the Department of Language Skills Development. The event was a major success this year as well and attracted a lot of visitors to the university. The students who are studying various languages such as Hindi, Korean, French, Chinese, Japanese and Tamil (as a Second Language) took part in cooking the food unique to respective cultures and exhibiting and selling them to the internal staff, students as well as hundreds of visitors from outside.

“Gee Sendewaa” (Musical Evening) was the last event of “Sahithya Sankathana -2018” and the academic, non-academic staff members as well as the students performed there. Following books has been published along with the event.

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