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Payment for the PCR/Rapid Antigen Test

It was decided to provide an opportunity to reimburse the amount spend by the students for the PCR and Rapid Antigen tests due to the COVID - 19 Pandemic during the period from June to November in 2021 from the fund of Ven. Shi Guanguan student welfare.
I hereby request you to submit a request letter to the Assistant Registrar (Student Services) on before 03.02.2022 along with the relevant documents.

The provisions were made as follows:
Rs. 5,000 / - for the PCR test and Rs. 2,000 / - for the Rapid Antigen test will be paid. Please note that One student will be paid only once for any of the two tests. It is mandatory to submit a certified copy of the Covid-19 vaccination card.

Following Documents must be submitted to the Academic and Student Services branch on or before 03.02.2022.
1. Request letter
2. Original copy of the Invoice
3. Certified photocopy of the vaccination card

Assistant Registrar
(Vice Chancellor Co-Ordinator & Student Services) 24.01.2022

Posted on Jan 26, 2022

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