Ven. Dhampahala Rahula Thero

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)        
Department of Religious Studies and Comparative Philosophy            
+94112 891 696  
+94 716 649 450

Academic Qualification 

  • MA- Two year research in English Medium: Buddhist and Pali Uni. Of SL-2017
  • BA-First class honours degree; University of Peradeniya-2006
  • Diploma in English; DEEMIT (Two year course)-University of Colombo-2017
  • Diploma in English-Buddhist and Pali University of SL-2012
  • Diploma in English-Sri Jinaratana Vocational Training Center; Colombo-2013
  • Diploma in English for Academic Purposes-2019  (Rathnasiri Sir)
  • Diploma in English for Academic Purposes-2020
  • IELTS- (Cambridge IELTS English Academy)-2022
  • Managing Information for Research and Publications Course-University of Colombo-2016
  • Staff Development Course-University of Kelaniya-2015
  • Staff Development Course-NIBU (Nagananda Buddhist University)-2015
  • Competitive Examination for Recruitment of Graduates to Sri Lanka Teachers-2007
  • Competitive Examination for Recruitment of Graduates for the Vacancies in Western Province-2011
  • Advance Level Examination-1999
  • Ordinary Level Examination (O/L)-1995/1996
  • Ordinary Level Examination (English Language)-2001
  • Primary Pirivan Final Exam-1995
  • Pracheena Oriental Exam-1995
  • Certificate Course in Research Methods Technics & Statistics for Data Analysis-BPU 2015
  • Diploma Course in Computer Applications; Municipal Council Moratuwa-2010

Academic Experience

  • As an internal Senior Lecturer- Currently Work at BPU (eight years) since 2014 
  • As an external lecturer of BPU- MA and BA Degrees- As Current Duties
  • As a lecturer of the Diploma course in Buddhism- BPU 2017R


  • As a course coordinator of BA external (BPU) - 2018 and 2019
  • As a course Coordinator in BPU -(Oriental Subjects and Foreign Languages)-2017 and 2018 
  • As a founder of both Diploma courses - Japanese and Chinese diploma courses in BPU-2018
  • As a supervisor of examinations both local and international-Malaysia and Sri Lanka

  • As an examiner of both internal and external-Postgraduate Institute of of Pali and Buddhist Studies of the University Kelaniya, BPU and BPU branch in Malaysia.  
  • As a student counselor of BPU- 2018, 2020

  • Media Coordinator: 

    1. Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka 2019/2020

    2. Lectures Union of BPU-2018

    3. Lectures Union of BPU-2019

    4. Media coordinator of Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka-2015

    5. Committee member of the Committee of Media Coordination for BPU News Letter-2017

  • Teacher of English Language in Pirivena-2006-2008 (Sri Widyasamadhi Pirivena, Hipankanda, Nawadagala)
  • Teacher of English Language in Pirivena-2008-2014 (Sri Wimalakeerthi Pirivena-Panadura)
  • Teacher of English Language in Pirivena-Angulana; Moratuwa (De Soiyarama Pirivena-Angulana, Moratuwa)- 1999-2001
  • The Principal of Sri Vijaya Dhamma School, Katubedda, Moratuwa.


  • Member of Life- SLASS 
  • Member of Life-RASS 

International/ National Seminar 

  • TSAD; BPU -2016
  • International Seminar on “Buddhism and Gandhara Civilizatin”-2019 (Organized by High Commissioner of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with BPU)
  • Reacting Meera Bai’s Life Story on Jaipur (An special event in India)- Jaipur Times (News Paper)16 October 2016 

Research & Publications

  • An Adoption of Buddhist Social Theories to The Problem of Committing Suicide in Modern Sri Lankan Society”-2017 (MA research, BPU)

Research papers:

  • Buddhist Exegesis of Family Bondages and Stability of Social Cohesion” related to United Nation Day of Vesak (UNDV 2019)  in Vietnam 2019 
  • An Analytical Study of Historical Koneshvaram”- BPU on 01.10.2014
  • Pirivena Education in Sri Lanka” in 2013-2015 (A research project done under the supervision of BPU)
  • Hegemonic Contribution of Buddhaghosa Thera’s Interpretations to the Continuation of Theravada Tradition”; Sri Lanka Association of Buddhist Studies and BPU; 6th International Conference-2016
  • A Classical Study of Non-Humanistic Teachings in Quran” (For the journal of Girihisa edited by Ven. K. Rewatha Thera, Dr. Tharanga Dharaneetha, Assistant Lecturer Harini Navoda De Silva; University of Kelaniaya)-2017
  • Sufistic Goals in Buddhistic View ” in India-2015
  • Love and Compassion of Sufi for Transcultural Faithfulness” held in Jaipur India-2016
  • Interconnected Teachings between Buddhism and Sufism” held in Jaipur India-2017
  • A Classical Approach to Religious Extremist Trends”-2021 (Online lecture series organized by Faculty of Buddhist Studies- BPU) 
  • A Classical Study of the Quranic Teachings which are not humanitarian”-2016
  • Philosophy on Religion” in 149th  Research Symposium of the Academic Staff held on 10.03.2021-BPU
  • Similarities and Dissimilarities of the Traditions of Sauththantrika and Teravada” (For Bauddha Nikaya Vikashaya-Edited by Panahaduwe Yasassi Thera) 2019 
  • Classification of Religion” (For the Journal of Religious Studies)-2016
  • The Nature and The Scope of Philosophy of Religion” (For the journal of Pravarthana-Edited by Custom Buddhist Association)-2021
  • Religion and Science” (For the Journal of Pali-Edited by Dep. of Pali BPU)-2016
  • A Classical Study of Vedic Concept of God” (For the journal of Sri Nandanjali-Edited by Ven. Bogahawewe Khemanandh Thera)-2011
  • An Analytical Study of Jainism” (For the journal of Vidu Sathara edited by Ven. Pelawatte Sirisugatha Thera)-2015
  • Research and Publications: Issues and Prospects for University Academics(For Staff Development Unit-University of Colombo) -2016
  • Tasks of a Lecturer” (For the Teaching Portfolio; University of Kelaniya) -2014


  • BPU Journal of Buddhist Studies and Humanities (Volume V, Issue I) - 2020 (Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal; Faculty of Buddhist Studies ; Buddhist and Pali University of SL)

Other Publications

  • Adyayana Lekha 01; (Collection of Classical Articles)-2011
  • Theistic Ethics and Buddhist Ethics-2012
  • Left-Movement and Marxism in Sri Lanka-2006

Articles(News Papers etc)

  • The Tour Went on with  Russian Fiancee” (An Annotation of a book)-Divaina 03 February 1999
  • An Exegesis on Philosophy”-Mahoghaya (Journal)-Association of Philosophy; University of Peradeniya-2005/2006
  • Proliferation of the Length and Democracy”-Lankadeepa 21 September 2010
  • Most Ven. Gathare Ariyachanda the Prelate Who Illuminated the Dispensation”-Lankadeepa 14 March 2012 
  • The Golden Tope in Koralawell-Moratuewa”-Lankadeepa 25 August 2012
  • The Conference of Inter-Religious Reconciliation”-Dinamina 21 April 2015
  • Reconciliation for the Foreseeable Future of the World”-22 April 2015 
  • Inter-Religious Harmony, Need of the Hour”-Daily News 24 April 2015
  • The Prelate Ven. Mekiliyathenne Dhammasiri Thera Illuminated the Dispensation”-Lankadeepa 28 May 2015
  • Revolution of Thinking Originated After the Arrival of Arhath Mahinda Thera”-Lankadeepa 02 June 2015
  • The Origin of the Culture”-Lankadeepa 18 June 2016
  • The Practical Value of Buddhism”-Lankadeepa 2017
  • Arguing with Each Other isn’t a Solution” News Briefing of Daily News  01 July 2019
  • Is the ‘Katikawata’ a Common Perspective?”-Lnkadeepa 27 January 2016

Other Experiences

  • Moderator: IRTH 2015 International Conference-BPU 2015
  • Moderator: Sufi Conference in Jaipur India-2015 
  • Abstract Reviewer: Undergraduate conference on Buddhism and Sustainable Development - 2018
  • Abstract Reviewer: Mini-Symposium on Religion and Social Change; BPU-2016

Trained Workshops: 

  • Training of Trainers –BPU on 16, 18, 23 June 2014 Curriculum Development Adopting Outcome Base Education-BPU on 03 June 2014
  • The Workshop of Training program of Teachers Service-2000 (Organize by Ministry of Education-In Kalutara Distric)
  • The Workshop of Training program of Teachers Service-2011 (Organize by Ministry of Education-In Kalutara Distric)
  • The Workshop of Training program of Pirivena Teachers Service-2013 (Organize by Ministry of Education-In Kalutara Distric)

Conferences Organized:

  • Committee member. BPU; international conference of IRTH-2015 
  • President of the committee of propaganda on “Sahitya Sankathana-2018” 
  • Organizer of the international conference of IATBU-2018 (Ministry of Education and High Education Sri Lanka)
  • Student counselor of National Conference on Youth Contribution to Social Harmony-BPU-2015
  • President of the committee of assessment of skills on “Sahitya Sankathana-2019’’ 
  • Committee member of the International Conference of Religious   and Tolerance and Harmony-2015


  • Mini-Symposium on Religion and Social Change-BPU-2016
  • Mini-Symposium on Religious Celibrations-2017
  • Ven. Walpola Rahula Thera Memorial International Conference-2019


  • Ven. Walpola Rahula Thera Memorial International Conference-2019


  • Edition of students hand book of external degree course-BPU 2018
  • Editions (with translations) of the syllabuses of “Eastern Religions” and “Western Religions” of external BA degree-BPU-2017

Academic Distinctions, Scholarships, Prizes

  • Acquired the “Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship” awarded by the MHS trust fund 2000/2001
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23 Jan - 01 Feb
ප්‍රතිඵල නිකුත් කිරීම/ issuing results - bachelor of arts (general) external degree examination ii - march, 2022
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සියලුම අභ්‍යන්තර සිසුන් සඳහා විශේෂ නිවේදනය / special notice for internal students
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17 Jan - 05 Mar
සම්මන්ත්‍රණ පැවැත්වීමේ කාලසටහන - ශාස්ත්‍රවේදී (සාමාන්‍ය) බාහිර උපාධි පාඨමාලාව 2018/2019 iii පරීක්ෂණය - 2023
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17 Jan - 30 Jan
ශාස්ත්‍රවේදී (සාමාන්‍ය) බාහිර උපාධි පාඨමාලාව 2018/2019 iii පරීක්ෂණය - 2023 මාර්තු
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