Youth Contribution to Social Harmony 2015

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Youth Contribution to Social Harmony 2015

As stated in the corporate plan, 2015 of the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka, for the first time in the university one day conference on 'Youth Contribution to Social Harmony' was held on 22 October, 2015 under the guidance of the Venerable Vice Chancellor, Ven. Prof. Gallelle Sumanasiri Thero and the Dean of the Faculty of Buddhist Studies, the approval of the Faculty Boards and the Senate, support of the academic, non-academic staff and the students of the university.

The conference was held according to the decisions taken in the conference planning meetings. The committee consisted of the Heads of the Departments and the academic staff members. Senior Professor Daya Edirisinghe, and  Dr. Prashanthi Narangoda, the Head of Visual Arts & Design and Performing Arts Unit also contributed as the external resource persons.

The following academic staff members and the Bikkhu students were the committee members.


Ven. Dr. Lenagala Siriniwasa thero       - Senior President

Ven. Ilukewela Dhammarathana Thero   - Senior Secretary

Senior Lecturer, Ven. Dr. Pitigala Vijitha Thero - Senior Treasurer

Ven. Kethsirigama Rathana Thero            - President

Ven. Mahawela Ruchirananda Thero       - Secretary

Mr. K. Asanka Sandaruwan                 - Treasurer

Ven. Hatharabage Samitha Thero        - Chief Organizer

Ven. Kolonne Rahula Thero                - Chief of the Committees


The keynote speaker of the conference was Prof. Asanga Thilakarathne. 67 academic papers were presented by undergraduates from Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka and other universities.

Youth Contribution to Social Harmony 2015