1. Fundamentals of ICT

2. Working with a Computer

3. Word Processing

4. Spreadsheet Management

5. Database Handling

6. Electronic Presentation

7. Internet and Communication

8. Managing a Computer


  1. Fundamentals of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Instructional Objectives:

      o Describe what ICT is

o List the factors affecting the performance of a computer

o Describe input, output and storage devices

o Compare and contrast System Software and Application Software

o Explain what a computer system is as well as its parts

o Describe a computer network

o Describe the terms Internet, Intranet and Extranet

o Describe the usage of ICT in different sectors

o Explain health problems due to usage of computers

o Explain how to protect your information system

o Explain privacy issues and security policies


2. Working with the computer


Instructional Objectives:

o Describe how to work with the desktop in Windows and Linux

o Describe the terms: keyboard, mouse and volume

o Describe desktop components

o List the basic task of an operating system

o Explain how to set the regional settings

o Introduce different storing methods

o Explain basic functions of managing data

o Introduce file and folder handling techniques


3.Word processing


Instructional Objectives:

o List different word processing applications

o List the main features of commonly used word processing


o Format document for accepted professional standards

o Apply Mail-Merge Wizard to create personalized documents

o Apply security settings


4. Spreadsheet Management


Instructional Objectives:

o List different spreadsheet management applications

o List the main features of commonly used spreadsheet management

o application packages

o Use different functions in spreadsheet applications

o Analyze and interpret data using MS Excel


5. Database management


Instructional Objectives:

o Introduce Database Management

o List different database management applications

o Design and create databases

o Differentiate objects in database management applications

o Create tables, queries, forms and reports

o Modify and use database objects


6. Electronic Presentation


Instructional objectives:

o Describe what a presentation is

o List different presentation application packages

o List main features of commonly used presentation application packages

o Design presentations using AutoContent Wizard

o Design presentations from scratch

o Practice the different settings in presentations


7. Internet and Communication


Instructional Objectives:

o Define what Internet is

o List facilities/benefits of Internet

o Describe the ways to connect to Internet

o Use a web browser to surf the Internet

o Use search engines to find information on the Internet

o Create/use an e-mail account

o Describe the security and risks involved in Internet

o Describe the concept of e-Commerce

o Discuss the future of Internet


8. Using Multimedia


Instructional Objectives:


o Photo editing (Corel Pain shop)

o Video Editing (Corel Video Studio)


9. Managing a Computer


Instructional Objectives:

o List the different ports and their functions

o List the steps of installing/uninstalling an application

o Describe how to manage a printer

o Identify/employ preventive maintenance procedures



10. Introduction to Open Source Software



_ Windows 7 Professional and Linux (Fedora, Red Hat Linux, edubuntu)

_ Microsoft Office 2007,2010 Professional Edition

_ Corel Pain shop , Corel Video Studio,Microsoft Picture IT

_ Internet Explorer 6.0 or above and Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or above



Course hours :120 (One Year)

To whom : 3rd and 4th Year Internal Students

Practical Hours :at least 60


Evaluation method: Practical Test (3 hours)

                                  Theory                       (1 hour)


                         **Certificate will be issued on at least reach 70% of total marks

Course Details

Name:Certificate course in Computer Technology
Entry_Requirements:Age should be 18 years or more.
Dhamma School Final Examination or
Dharmacharya Examination or
Pirivena Final Examination or
G. C. E. (Ordinary Level) Examination in six subjects including Buddhism & Sinhala.
To_Whom:Those who wish to
Duration:1 Year
Lectures:No Lectures

You can sit the examination after 01 year of registration.
There are four papers. Each paper

Examination Details

Name:Certificate course in Computer Technology
Medium:English or Sinhala
Date:Will be held in August of every year
Centre:The Centre for Postgraduate Degree Studies & External Examination, 214, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

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