English Language Teaching Unit

The English Language Teaching Unit of Buddhist and Pali University was established in the spirit of university’s ethosand with the intention of enhancing the English language competency of its students. It offers a wide range of opportunities to study English in a welcoming and friendly environment.

The wide range of modules we provide allow both internal and external students to improve their English skills. Our modules can be taken as a part of many degree programmes for internal students, thus allowing for a broader student experience and enhancing employability after graduation while disseminating Buddhism in Sri Lanka and overseas.  we also offer modules leading to a Certificate Course in English.The ELTU extends its contribution to the nation by offering a Diploma course in English opening the door to external students to improve their proficiency in English language.



Courses we offer

  • Compulsory English (For the first year students)
  • Certificate Course in English
  • Advanced Certificate Course in English
  • Diploma in English (external)



Head - ELTU

Mrs.Kosala Kumarage

Lecturer (Probetionary)

Mr.K.G. Swarnnanada  (Study Leave for Reading Phd)

Senior Lecturer ,

Mr.H.M.Pradeep Gunasena

Lecturer (Probetionary)


Study Programs

English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU)