There are six hostels named A, B, C, D, E, F in this University. All students who enjoy hostels facilities should pay the fees prescribed by the University and should submit the receipts so obtained to the sub-warden of the hostels. They should be subserviced to the regulations that are given below and effected within the halls of residence. It is illegal for students who do not pay the fees of the hostels to remain in residence within the hostels.

The warden functions on half-time bases in the administration of the Hostels, while two sub-wardens are appointed to look after the daily affairs. Indicated below is a description of them:

Warden of the Hostels
Head, Department of Buddhist Philosophy

Ven. Pitigala Vijitha Thero
Senior Lecturer,
B.A. (Hons.) (Uni. of Kelaniya.)
M.A. (Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka)
M.A. (post Graduate Institute ofPali and Buddhist Studies, Uni. ofKelaniya) M.S.S.C (Uni. of Kelaniya)
Royal Pandith

Official 011-2857786
Temple 011-2683085
E-mail d?????

Sub- Wardens
  1. VYen. Nakkalagoda Yogananda Thero
    Tel. Office: +94113086398
    Temple: +94332291124
  2. Mr. G. Samarappulige
    Tel. Office: +94112857786
    Residence: +94113086395