Convocation to Award Degrees


The award of degrees to those who have qualified for the degrees will be conducted on a day decided upon by the Senate of the University. The fixation of time for the Convocation is also a right enjoyed by the Senate. Those who have qualified themselves for their degrees in a certain year are entitled to receive their degrees at the Convocation of the succeeding year.

The Convocation for the award of degrees is the most outstanding among official ceremonies conducted by the University displaying the University traditions vividly. In terms of the stipulations of the Act, the chair of the Convocation shall be held by the Venerable Chancellor, when he is present, and when he is not present, by the Venerable Vice Chancellor.

Subsequent to the release of the results of the degree Examinations, applications are invited to participate at the Convocation. The prospective graduates are entitled to secure the participation of their preceptors or parents or relatives. The academic staff as well as the officers of the University participate at this ceremony.

The students may obtain their degree without participating at the Convocation, and the University has the right to award degrees without holding a Convocation.