• Ms. Waruni Tennakoon

    Lecturer (Probationary)

    B. A. (University of Kelaniya)
    M. A. in Linguistics (University of Kelaniya)



  • "Second Language Learning Behaviour of The Buddhist Clergy Graduands: An Error Analysis" - thesis for M.A. in Linguistics


  • Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhi Tatta; A Buddhist approach to the poem 'Plead Mercy' by Anne Ranasinghe" - 2011
  • Appreciating Short Stories - 2010
  • Appreciations of Selected Poems and Short Stories - 2010
  • Barriers to Learning English in the Pirivena Education System - 2010
  • Solutions to the Challenges in Teaching English Language to Medical Students - 2008

Ms. Waruni Tennakoon