• Mr. U.P.Gamage

    Lecturer (Probationary) of Sinhala & Modern Languages

    MA in Linguistics, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
    BA (Special), Colombo
    Dip. In Gender Sensitized Media (Colombo Uni.)
    Cert. in Project Management (Project Management Institute)

    +94112891089 Department of Sinhala and Modern Languages Faculty of Language Studies Buddhist and Pali University Pitipana Homagama

Research Interests

Contact and Applied Linguistics with special reference to second language teaching and language mixing, also interested in Meta-Linguistics.

Teaching Areas

                Modern Sinhala Literature, Language Evolution, Paleographyand Introduction to Linguistics

Research & Publications

  1. Gamage, U.P. 2014, The Tenses of The English Language, Colombo, Agahas publication (yet being printed).
  2. Gamage, U.P. 2013, Is speaking English our Way a Lingual Anarchy? an analysis of Sri Lankan English Movement, conference proceedings, IHRA, University of Colombo.
  3. Gamage, U.P. 2013, Eloquence in First Language as an Enabling Factor of Speaking Second Language: Case of English Language Learning in Sri Lanka,conference proceedings, Sookmyung Women’s University, Soul, Korea.
  4. Gamage, U.P. 2012, Eya Saha Eya (She and She), Colombo, author publication.
  5. Gamage, U.P. 2012, Applying Pedagogical Aspects with ICT Integration and Managing Traditional Drudgery of Classroom in Sri Lankan Government Schools, conference proceedings, Subash Chandra Bose P.G. College, Lucknow, India.
  6. Gamage, U.P., Senevirathne, P. 2012, Error Patterns of Addition in Sri Lankan Pre-school Children, conference proceedings, Subash Chandra Bose P.G. College, Lucknow, India.
  7. Gamage, U.P. 2012, Kalutara Bodiya Langadee, (a poem which was published in the edition of “Ekolosweni Peya”), Colombo.
  8. Gamage, U.P. 2012, Is Language Taboo a Myth in General Terms; with special reference to verbs in Sinhala Language, conference proceedings, Forli, Italy, the University of Bologna.
  9. Gamage, U.P. 2012, Colloquial Sinhala & Contradictories of Pre-determined Syntactic Structures of Formal Linguistics, conference proceedings, Colombo, Pali & Buddhist University.
  10. Gamage, U.P. 2012, Literary Text as a Way of Learning Administrative Lessons with Special Reference to Wimalarathne Kumaragama,conference proceedings, Colombo, Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka.
  11. Gamage, U.P. 2011, Continuous Multiple Motivation in English language teaching, peer reviewed online ( journal, Osaka, Japan, iafor.
  12. Gamage, U.P. 2011, Skills Development Strategies to Enhance Employability in Post War Sri Lanka,conference proceedings, Chennai, India, Sai Ram Institute of Management Studies.
  13. Gamage, U.P. 2011, Poetics of Governance: Humanistic social ideology of Wimalarathne Kumaragama’s poetry,conference proceedings, Colombo, Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka.
  14. Gamage, U.P., Senavirathne P. (2011), Perapäsal Guruwarayä, Colombo, author publication.
  15. Gamage, U.P. 2011, Linguistic Discriminations which Hamper the Country Development: with special reference to male dominancy in noun patterns of Sinhalese and EnglishLanguage,conference proceedings, Oluvil, South Eastern University.
  16. Gamage, U.P. 2010, Success & Failures of English Language Teaching, conference proceedings, Badulla,  Uva Wellassa University.
  17. Gamage, U.P. 2010, Motivation as a Key Factor in English Language Teaching,conference proceedings, Jaffna, University of Jaffna.
  18. Gamage, U.P. 2009, Jäthika Chinthanaya (National Thought): an academic attempt to review Gunadasa Amarasekara’s collected works, Colombo, author publication.
  19. Gamage, U.P. 2009, English Language Teaching Methodologies: submitted to The University of Kelaniya as MA research work.
  20. Gamage, U.P. 2004 Gunadäsa Kapuge Ăgame Sita Vidyäwa Dakwä: a study of Gunadsa Kapuge’s lyrics as a social phenomenon and his intervention into the social discourse as a broad spectrum singer among Sri Lankans, Colombo, author publication.

Awards and Accreditations

  • Introductory award for training skills (City & Guilds)
  • ICCSP accredited trainer (International Customer Care Skills Passport)
  • IPICT accredited master facilitator (International Pedagogical ICT License)

Mr. U.P.Gamage