• Miss. W. P. L. M. Nilushika


    B. A. (Hons), University of Peradeniya
    M. A. University of Kelaniya (in progress)
    Post Graduate Diploma In Counseling, University of Colombo


Research and Publications

  1. Abnormal Psychology (in Sinhala), 2009
  2. Counseling Psychology (in Sinhala), 2009
  3. Industrial Psychology (in Sinhala), 2009

Journal Articles (published)

  1. A Buddhist Perspective on Emotions. 2600th Enlightenment Jubilee of the Buddha Academic Journal, The Ministry of Education, 2011
  2. The Content of Psychology in Buddhism (in Sinhala), Wiyathusuyamaya, 2009.
  3. A Humanistic Analysis on Personality, Bhasaprabha, Department of Sanscrit, Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka, 2009
  4. "The Contribution of Music for Psychotherapy" An Academic Research Paper was presented at the professional development workshops conducted by the Buddhist & Pali University of Sri Lanka.
  5. The Role of Psycho Social Support for AIDS Patients in Sri Lanka, The Workshop of the Development of Academic Skills, Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka, 2011

Miss. W. P. L. M. Nilushika