• Ven. Prof. Ittademaliye Indasara Thero


    B.A. (Hons.) (University of Kelaniya)
    M.A. (University of Delhi)
    Ph.D. (University of Delhi)
    Post Graduate Diploma in Education (University of Colombo)

    +94-11-2593397,+94-11-2857785 +94-11-2435532, +94-718247007

Research interest

  • Early Buddhist Teaching
  • Bodhisattva Concept

Books Published

  1. The Conceptual Development of Bodhisattva Ideal in Buddhist Literature
  2. A Critical Study of The Teaching of Kamma
  3. Four Major Buddhist Schools (A Historical and Philosophical Analysis)
  4. The Impact of Sekhiya for the Ethical Development of Personality (in Sinhala)

Academic Staff

Ven. Prof. Ittademaliye Indasara Thero